By the mercy of Allah a dire need for an islamic school in the city of jodhpur was felt strongly in the january 2010.which then Alahamdulillah led to the inception of first english medium islamic school of rajasthan state. With strong desire to teach our children on standards at par with the missionary schools along with an authentic islamic ethos, focus was kept on english and arabic especially quranic arabic.

Lack of human and economic resources in muslim community was the strongest hurdle in the path of success of school but Allah subhanuhu wa ta’ala made it easy for us to procure them. By the help of few trustees we were able to get a small place to start with in posh locality of city. initially with few rooms and then later on building was expanded in planned yearly manner.

Recognition with the state board was taken till class 8th and all the government rules were met with to avoid unnecessary predicaments.