• We believe that for the success of UMAAH at large English must be the core language
  • As world has become a global village today due to internet and the core language of this village (internet) is English
  • Then we focus next on is quranic/hadith arabic So that our students will be able to understand the book of Allah and the teachings of prophet muhammed saw in its original sense and meaning
  • we teach all the routine subjects using high quality standard publications like orient/oxford/frank etc
  • But we also Islamize all these lessons using the verses from quran and teachings from sunnah
  • For ex. When we teach the water cycle or a life cycle of butterfly to class 3/4 student we teach them that Allah swt is AL BARI (the one who has originated all the cycles in universe)
  • We have developed our own islamized lesson plans according to level of the student
  • These techniques help us make each and every class a sort of mini islamic studies class so that our students never differentiate the acadenic studies from islamic studies and vice versa.

We believe on the words of prophet that “The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, while there is good in both

-Saheeh Muslim #1840

  • Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. It combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise.
  • Our mission is to promote health ,self- defense, responsibility, respect, courage, and confidence through training and hard work.
  • We strive to instruct martial arts as a complete discipline (mind, body, and spirit), which teaches not only self-defense but also strives to develop coordination and sound character.

High quality teaching methodologies in all classes using:

  • Projector
  • Computers
  • Audio system
  • Internet ready classes
  • Animations (indigenous + downloaded from net)
  • Power points designed by our teachers
  • Professional softwares like PEARSON
  • 3 smart classes with touch boards
  • 20 kv genset to ensure interruption free classes due to electricity cutoffs
  • Our mission is to promote high quality techno ready classes as well as teachers who teach in the ways that have most effect on the learning outcomes of students
  • Our vision and hope that this legacy be carried down to our children who can become the guiders for the world.
Digi Class
  • Seeking Upto date highly skilled & trained teachers is our long term aim and mission.
  • We achieve this by biannual on site 2-3 days workshops for our teachers by experts coming from other metros
  • We also send the teachers to attend training sessions now and then conducted by various professional companies/schools in city
  • We organise weekly tarbiyyah sessions to update our teachers in islamic knowledge and train them in applying them to their core syllabus (islamization of lesson plans)
  • We organize monthly dars and tarbiyyah sessions for the islamic moulding of our parents so that not much gap exists between our students and the parents
  • Using latest softwares we manage extensive transport system covering almost all corners of the city
  • We are running pre school (1 hour ) hifz classes for past 1.5 years
  • We plan to finish our students hifz in a course of 5 years inshallah
  • We take fresh batches every year after ramdhan